10 juin 2013

H&P architects : Social Bamboo Housing, Vietnam

H&P architects: bamboo social housing in vietnam
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in recent years - the trend of globalization, urbanization and the illegal exploitation of rocks for personal use, construction materials has cause
major disruption in the lives of the locals. as dong van plateau rock has ample access to geological and natural resources that need to be kept and
preserved for future generations, vietnemese H&P architects proposes a sustainable building solution that can be applied to low income housing.
by reorganizing the lifestyle of a village in ha giang, vietnam, bamboo housing strategy utilizes piles of waste stone powder, bottles and tires
in combination with other local organic materials ( soil, leaf roof, rope, flowers, ornamental plants) for the construction of the structures.

by developing two-story housing instead of single level buildings, the project will free up spaces for agriculture, reducing the problem of food shortage.
additional sanitation facilities and energy efficient infrastructure will give provide affordable access to gas and electricity through the use of a bio-gas
burner. switching to the system will reduce deforestation, lower environmental pollution, save space, and that will free up large amount of labor in
agricultural production. ventilation and natural lighting are fully utilized - the wall surface to the trap inlet covers the green roof of the green space.
rain water is collected and filtered through underground tanks and fertilizer waste will be treated with bio-gas to regenerate energy.




housing rendering

section & interior




project information

architects: h&p architects

location: dong van plateau rocks of ha giang, vietnam

architect in charge: doan thanh ha & tran ngoc phuong

team: an viet dung, ninh viet ha, nguyen vi phuong

completion date (phase 1): dec. 2009
completion date (phase 2): mar. 2013

status: under construction (testing)

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