25 décembre 2012

Boo Noël!!!

"I want and I choose to build with bamboo, it is possible to have beautiful buildings with the vegetal. With the bamboo we build a green future! " Isabelle.A.Mbore. 
( Mi-Bambou project 2013 )

 Next, we could see others many projects, all around the world !



Green school ( Bali, Indonésia)

Orphanage,training center (bangladesh)

 Daï Laï restaurant, designed by Vo Trong Nghia ( Vietnam)

 The post bamboo-clad house, by AST 77 ( Belgium)

 Villa Sapi, GuestHouse (Lombok)

Tantangan Villa by Word of Mouth ( Indonesia)

 Greatest Houses by Zuarq architects (Colombia)

Cathédrale, by Simon Velez (Colombia)

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